How the Awesome Resume process works

  1. You complete the client intake form and payment form.

  2. I receive a confirmation email and reply back to you within 24 hours.
  3. I'll send you a follow up email with a Google Doc that includes my initial Discovery Questions, and you'll send back the document with your responses and send me your resume as a Google Doc or Microsoft Word file.
  4. If I feel like I need to hear more, I'll email you or we'll set up a 30 minute call to talk about your work history and career goals.
  5. I will review your cover letter/resume/CV and make changes and comments using Track Changes or a similar feature. I will also do research into different ways to present yourself on your resume depending on what dream job you are pursuing. This process usually takes about a week and I can expedite if needed. 
  6. I'll send you an email with your revised cover letter/resume/CV and an explanation of any changes or comments I made, and I will put together a Resume Recommendations document with advice on what to add in the future based on where you want your career to take you next.
  7. If necessary, we'll do a final review call to make sure all of my feedback is totally clear.